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Ventilated facades can be made of boards HPL (High Pressure Laminate), cement, ceramics, Klinker, terracotta, stone artificaiala, recomposed (marble, granite, travertine), composite wood, aluminum, decorative glass, steel, metaclilat panels, natural stone .

Application areas for these types of ventilated facades include: office buildings, show rooms, hospitals / clinics, hotels, stadiums, etc.. Basically different types of commercial spaces.

Our company also executes cladding of buildings with:

  • Bond laminated plates can be: ETALBOND, Tubond, Dibond, Alucobond, etc. Depending on their origin. Bond laminated panels consist of a sandwich plate composed of two aluminum plates between which a layer of mineral or artificial material. Sandwich material is rigid and highly resistant to shocks, bumps and pressure showing a resistance to bending, buckling flattened. A product that meet any architectural requirement.
  • Tile and laminate panels, compact HPL plates and HOLVER origin, which is in stock a large variety and quantity.
  • Full plywood made ​​from thermosetting resins, homogeneously reinforced with wood fibers manufactured in conditions of high pressure and temperature. Trespa Meteon - Through advanced technology, EBC (electron bombardment polymerization), high elasticity, tensile and compressive guarantees a very high impact resistance. Homogeneity and denisitatea core Meteon Trespa cladding gives a high resistance to picking and application areas fasteners. This material ventilated facade composition can be used in all weather conditions, constant use temperature range is -40 to +130 degrees Celsius.

fatade ventilate
These materials allow plating to create a modern lines of the building, while repsectand quality standards of construction..

Plating is done by catching these elements cassette on a structure made of aluminum profiles Rectangular type. Systems using corrosion-resistant materials aluminum alloy fasteners dinaluminiu or stainless steel.

Fixing ventilated facades bearing surfaces are made ​​with specialized fasteners features verified in accordance with the requirements of statics.

EUROFOX plating fixation systems are designed for all common cladding materials, HPF, ceramics, aluminum composite metal (flat or profiled metal sheet), brick (for facade), natural stone, cement, composite stone or glass.

The material is presented in a variety of colors and profiles, oferint architects unlimited possibilities or if we talk about renovations, restorations or new constructions. In addition, it turns out to be a very long term investment and thus easily amortized. These systems are very durable and effective.

Advantages of ventilated facades are numerous, ranging from side look to efficiency and cost.

  • Ventilated facades provides a modern and attractive.
  • Ususurinta in processing cassettes bond, can be easily folded, bent or cut.
  • Rigidity and resistance to various environmental factors, such as fire and temperature variations.
  • Not affected by moisture and does not degrade the weather, mucegasi or rotting.
  • Nonporoase surfaces do not allow the submission of material adhesion impurities.
  • UV resistance and color stability are very high
  • A very good sound insulation
  • Reducing energy costs for air conditioning or heating.
  • Affordable price compared to other materials, considering the durability of the material.
  • Samples of different colors according to palette.

For an assessment offers a ventilated facades need some information:

  1. Desired coating material, dimensions and characteristics (if applicable).
  2. Kinds of businesses desired material cladding fixing system (visible or hidden).
  3. Distance from wall cladding to the building itself (or other possible bearing surface).
  4. Nature wall (bearing surface) or concrete, brick or efficiency, BCA, panels, metal ...
  5. The positioning of windows, doors or other elements of discontinuity of plating, along with the related set.
  6. Any other features resulting from the theme designer architect, designer or general contractor specialized
  7. Location work as area or locality.