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To protect and isolate small or large areas of your home, our company offers garage door systems been cut or roll.


Sectional garage doors are made of metal panels filled with polyurethane foam. Running boards make himself 2mm galvanized steel. Panels which are made garage doors have the following characteristics:

  • are constructed with finger protection and security rules of the EC respond
  • are constructed such that their combination is done perfectly.
  • are provided with gaskets that provide good insulation preventing water or dust.
  • sides are closed with caps that grow resistant galvanized steel panels.
  • have a very good thermal insulation coefficient.
  • shows a metal plate in the area of attachment of hinges.
  • treatment panels gives a high resistance against corrosion.
  • different size.
  • are constructed of galvanized steel with polyurethane insulation thickness of 40 mm.
  • within such a door can be mounted and pedestrian doors, if necessary, to open independently of the main.
  • almost all profiles that process and they are provided with protective film on the inner face and the outer to prevent any scratches from handling. Remove protection film installation.

Springs used for doors we produce are torsion springs withstand 25,000 cycles of operation and have system protection against breakage.

Residential sectional doors can be operated manually or by remote control and engine accessory can be added manually operated chain where the height is greater than 2.5 ml. and / or lock lock / unlock.

Roller garage doors

Roller garage doors are made with aluminum slats filled with polyurethane foam insulation 55mm or 77mm and other items such as steel axle housing, guides and spring motor or drive.

Most of the components are made ​​of aluminum, so very resistant to chemical erosion factors. Roller garage doors can be manually operated or motorized with remote control. Engines have between 20 and 120 Nm, depending on the size of the garage door and slides used.

Motor operated doors have the possibility of emergency manual operation.

The garage door is fitted with locks that do not allow raising manual (forced) from the outside and can be fitted with special locks burglary. Guides these garage doors are made of extruded aluminum, particularly resistant to forcing.

Roller garage doors have a number of advantages and features that turn them into the perfect solution for your garage:

  • rezistenta deosebita la intemperii;
  • safe operation;
  • quiet in operation;
  • ease of use with remote engine;
  • Minimum 20 years of operation;
  • blades can be installed optionally perforated;
  • not obscure the input space in the garage;
  • gives a very aesthetic garage because different types of surfaces and colors including wooden imitation.

Garage Door Roller has a long life and stability over time. The average use of a roll is estimated between 8 and 10 years minimum.

Our specialists expect the best solutions for industrial or residential areas.

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