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When architects and designers want a glass and aluminum facade, we can provide all the necessary papers to the most daring architectural plans.

Pane of glass and aluminum self supporting with insulation and insulation called "curtain walls" in Romanian adaptation of the name "Courtain wall" in English.

These structures can be applied to vertical planes inclined to the positive or negative slope, and the roof (skylights and domes).

Curtain wall is an easy, modern and great to "dress" a construction time of execution of work is relatively small depending on availability of materials required and their maintenance is relatively cheap and easy.

The most important elements with which it achieves these systems are:

  • Aluminum profiles - with thermal break, which we buy from the best manufacturers: Schuco, Alumil, Exalco Reynaers, Balkan, Etem, etc..
    These specific purchase order according to each project, usually in their natural state and then painted in electrostatic field, with the possibility to choose from a wide range of colors.
  • Glass - which has the highest rate in almost all systems of PVC or aluminum. This is the best quality: Guardian SaintGobain, AGC Glass and can fide many ways (standard secured various thicknesses laminated colored with different coefficients table or transparency or UV protection, transparent, frosted or opaque in different shades also according to our samples).
  • Insulation and sealing elements - which must necessarily be of the highest quality and possess certain properties and UV resistance or resistance to high temperatures. Among our manufacturers are: Sika, DenBraven, IC Lustin, Soudal.
  • Fasteners - Steel and stainless steel screws, anchors and fittings, galvanized metal parts which we buy from specialized distributors: Wurth, SEA, Biasia, etc..

All these perfect assembled systems that give shape desired construction. Curtain wall systems are of several types, as follows:


This curtain wall is most often used where ornamental aluminum profiles are externally visible profiles both horizontally and vertically.

These profiles can be ornamental shapes: standard, rounded, elliptical, flat, etc.. and also a variety of colors, allowing the realization of complex three-dimensional structures.

In the interior are visible rulers and pillars which can be of different sizes and colors. This curtain wall is also called nonstructural or standard and is usually the most economical option in terms of curtain walls.


This type of curtain wall aluminum profiles are distinguished by visible inside and outside profile is visible only in a sense, and the other end is visible only a thin line, it's normally black.

Exterior windows are identical to their counterparts from the inside, resulting in a flawless when the window is closed. Permeability is provided by three rows of EPDM and a drain for any water accumulation.

This system gives continuity and smoothness of Panora Glass a certain direction.


perete cortina spider

Of this type of curtain wall is different from the sisitemul The other types of glass fixture extremely namely through an externally visible clamping points and linings. In this case both the exterior and interior decorations can dress the most innovative forms.

As in ventilated facades and curtain wall systems these have many advantages ranging from layout and up to efficiency and cost:
- modern and attractive;
- ease their design special programs
- Resistance to various environmental factors and variations in temperature, including wind intensity
- Sunscreen
- Low weight;
- Very easy maintenance
- Is not affected by moisture, mold or weathered and rotting.
- UV resistance and color stability are very high
- Sound and thermal insulation
- Lower energy costs for air conditioning or heating
- Different colors in addition to, as samples
- Flexibility and resistance to deformation due to construction vibrations, earthquakes or other causes
- Adaptability

Regarding the bidding process, our team uses a very transparent scheme that we provide our Clint costs of all the elements that compose the system, with discounts that we benefit, then all the views we add our workmanship and installation execution.

We rely on transparency and professionalism we have satisfied all clients from the smallest to the largest.

Since the tender and to completion our team is at the service of our clients who we work with the best solutions and the most varied.